The Air tribe resides in the Venta Island Mountains scattered of the coast of the Northeast part of the northern continent. This location allows them to isolate themselves from the rest of Omniterra and maintain the serenity and balance of their ancient and tradition-rooted culture. There is also a colony of rogue Air druids in the Exsilium Plains near the Megalith foothills who have willingly excommunicated themselves from the Air tribe.


The Air tribe is composed entirely and only of Elves. They are almost all either druids or monks, depending on how devout they are (which is to say going from pretty devout to REALLY devout). They are completely xenophobic and homogenous. They believe other races to be impure and to be avoided for fear of corruption.


The Air tribe doesn’t have a religious structure so much as it has a set of personal steps to achieving enlightenment. Many of the tribe’s devout spend days or weeks at a time fasting and meditating in the peaks of the islands’ mountains, encouraging their souls to ride the high velocity winds in a sort of vision quest to unlock the secrets of existence. Their only laws are unwritten moral ones of xenophobia and that one must never speak out against or in doubt of the purity and sanctity of Air.


The Air tribe is exceptionally private. They say their tribe was the first to exist on Omniterra, the Elders of the village claim their people once roamed free all over the world, riding on the wind to all the corners of Omniterra, and that the wind first breathed life into the people of their tribe. Their creation myth involves a band of air tribe people separating themselves and were punished for their transgressions with deformed children who then became the different races of the world. Their xenophobia stems from this myth, seeing the impure and mutated beings as evidence that straying from the path to enlightenment will lead to their becoming mutated and displeasing.

Political Structure

There is no authority structure to speak of. The belief system of the tribe is so centered on the individual’s pursuit of enlightenment that a formal authority structure is neither necessary or congruous.

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