The Earth tribes of Omniterra are actually the most spread out yet organized tribe in the world. They occupy the entire Megalith Mountain range that spans from its foothills in the Southwest corner of the nothern continent to the very tip of the southern continent’s cape.


Dwarves, Gnomes, and Deep Halflings make up most of the population of the Earth tribe, but it is a tolerant tribe accepting people of all races who truly appreciate and have the fortitude appropriate for a miner’s life.


Their tribe is one of the few who actually have built places of worship and have a regimented worship process with various dogmatic laws. The philosophies behind their tribe have everything to do with being as immutable as a mountain is immovable. Their days are structured and regimented to a nearly totalitarian degree, but the freedoms of the rigorous lifestyle and the lack of day/night distinction make the conditions quite adaptable to a commoner’s wishes.


Everything in the Earth society is structured; as an extension of that, their community is one that uses currency and not a barter system. You’ll find in the Earth cities shops of many different varieties taking standard currencies in the form of gold, silver, and copper pieces. The primary exports are obviously stones, metals, and ores, and the primary imports are foodstuffs (mostly beefs, cheeses, and breads) and the raw materials for crafting beers and distilling liquors. Their tourist industry is also fairly booming, catering to the tastes of the nearby life and order tribes of the surrounding plains with quality inns and taverns.

Political Structure

The Earth people live in a Theocratic Authoritarian society; that is, their religious leaders are also their political leaders. Canon Law is the only law, but it is more progressive than most religions on the world. It’s law primarily structures the life of the communities into finely oiled machines, but does not dictate anything regard personal conduct outside of working conditions and religious practices. There was a revolt during the reign of the tragically short-lived High Priest Dworkin after Dworkin and the Apex Council, the leaders of the Earth church, attempted to make sanctions against alcohol, sexual conduct, and capitalistic freedoms like the ability to set prices in your shop. Its primary economic laws are against the monopolization of a particular industry with advanced technology or magic- it dictates that such techniques and technologies should be availed to all the citizens of the Earth tribe to better life for the society as a whole. Its primary social laws are only requirements for mining hours and recommendations for worship hours, with strict guidelines on Rites and Rituals for the devout, such as the Marriage Rites, Funeral Rites, and Initiatic Rituals of the church.

Current High Priest: Oberon, the Wise; a deep halfling descended from a long line of Apex Council members and a distant descendant of Dworkin.

The Apex Council consists of the Priests of each major city’s Temple, which is 8 in all, and one of these members is chosen to replace the High Priest when that particular High Priest passes on into the grand mountain halls of the Earth afterlife.

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