North Polar Ice Caps


The Ice people are traditionalists, seeking to preserve all things as best they can in their current form. They would, in essence, freeze all things in order that they might endure forever. Their religious practices are based in ancient ritual, symbol, myth, and an unchanging holy text.

Political Structure:

Absolute monarchy, following the rule of primogeniture.

Social Classes

Social Rank
The Ice people are a highly caste-based society. The people believe very much in the preservation of social rank among families, comparative to the Ancient Hindu culture or the 18th century English or even the early American South. Good blood is important to the Ice tribesmen insofar as it must be preserved against the tainting of lower class blood. The aristocratic class is at the top, followed closely by the artisans, then farmers/hunters, unskilled labor, then finally slaves.

Slave Trade
The Ice people capture outsiders and force them into slave labor. This, however, has become such common knowledge that one wonders how they maintain their labor force.

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