Location: Islands of the Eastern Ocean.

Races: The water tribe consists of Seakin and Halflings.

Religion/Beliefs: Water tribesmen lack a real Religion, per se, as there is no deific presence. Their belief system revolves around flexibility, fitting the needs of the moment. There isn’t much of an economic structure to speak of because of this belief, given that people will do what is necessary for the community to survive and spend the rest of their time indulging in their own pleasures.

Culture: Water people are secluded but not xenophobic. Their lax view of life makes them not given to seeking out anything that isn’t centered on themselves.

Political Structure: No structure, no economy. The people of the Water tribe live and work together to unburden themselves and each other. They’re belief in the fluidity of life gives rise to a belief that work must be done together, letting the burden of necessity flow through the community as the joys of living flow.

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